Maurice Anandappa: A Tribute To Tommy Our Guest Relations Officer

I first met Tommy at Sanctuary ON  2007 April 22nd. He was a cute little puppy.

Tommy grew up with us at Sanctuary House. He was a real asset to SH. He took care of SH as a brilliant watchdog. He would be alert and respond to the smallest sound. Tommy has an unbelievable knack of distinguishing between guests and strangers and would respond accordingly. As long as Tommy was alive, we depended on him totally for security and he never let us down.

He was also an extremely loving dog and a faithful dog. He would come and welcome me lovingly every day. He was extremely attached to SH and he would also take care of every guest. When a guest visited the beach, Tommy would accompany them, protect them from aggressive strays and bring them back safely. He was not trained in this aspect, but he would do this efficiently with great faithfulness. Tommy would also play gently with little children almost like a baby sitter.

Every guest who knew Tommy would remark on his intelligence and friendly nature. As he grew older, Tommy would still attempt to accompany guests to the beach. But he grew weaker and finally passed away in January 2015. We love him and still miss him. Thank you for the memories, terribly Tommy!