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One-Day Experiential Learning Training

We are partnering with BREAKTHROUGH INDIA  an outbound training company that develops  high performing teams who buy into company vision, values and strategy.
We do not have a menu of generic programs to offer
What we have is a unique methodology  to jointly custom design a training program with our client to address specific functional needs of the team.
With no PowerPoint presentations, specific functional issues are addressed through behavioral activities – action learning.

Specific Functional Needs we address

Team Building

This program has team building activities in which fun and bonding are of primary importance with some learning from the reflection after each activity. One of Breakthrough’s policies is not to do programs just only for fun, but there should be a time of reflection after each activity.

Building High Performance Culture

The program will be customized with your team objectives being the focus of the program along with the 5 high performance characteristics.

For consistent High Performance, there needs to be a culture that sustains the same.

On Boarding/ Induction

This provides the new joinees to get a feel of the organization they are going to work in. Our Design experts will tailor make activities that will reinforce the company’s vision and values. For we believe that an Organizational Culture is the source of competitive advantage.

Leadership Training

Managers could be efficient in achieving KPI’s at their current level, but need a shift in their attitude, awareness and abilities in order to go to the next level.The objective of this Leadership training program is to influence managers to take on the next level behaviours in their current job levels.

Organisational Effectiveness

Organisational Effectiveness program is a set of separate and different training interventions that helps to take the entire organisation through a specific objective. This is made effective by customising programs for each level and aligning their objectives to the organisation objective.

Social Contract -Conflict Reduction

When two or more people interact conflicts are inevitable. For this to happen there needs to be an intentional preset context of ground rules to prevent, resolve & reduce conflicts. Breakthrough has developed a unique way of doing this through the drafting of a Social Contract.

Customized Training with Measurable Impact



Customized Training


Effective and Measurable


Retention Rate


Experiential Learning Client Feedback

A well arranged and interactive program. Helps to improve our skills and explains drawbacks to our progress. We received a mechanism to measure our talents and to correct our unproductive behavior. This is a very productive program for banking sector staff as well as those in the private sector. The trainer was well organized with a lot of enthusiasm and can attract the audience towards him.
Branch Manager , Bank of Ceylon
Branch Manager
Very effective events, Simple to understand, bring out each individual’s strengths and weakness. As a result, we were able to identify hidden potential of two staff who will be promoted immediately
We learned a lot about our work and how to give good service to our customers so that we can retain them.
The facilitators were able to engage us to work together and use our skills. We enjoyed the fun activities which helped to teach us to be better. The content was useful and relevant. As a result key areas were developed such as: Communication, Teamwork, Thinking out of the box and creating a legacy for others
I liked the outdoors atmosphere, the informality of the program and the hands on approach to learning. I learnt what my priorities are: people first and projects second.
I am very happy to participate in this kind of training program. It is  very good idea to organize this training for a small group because it engages the attention of the facilitator and the trainees very effectively
Branch Manager , Bank of Ceylon
Branch Manager
Less theory and more practical to suit our work environment. Will implement a major portion of what I learnt
Although we had attended our leadership programs before, today’s program had something more in it. The facilitators were very clear and the whole program was fun and enjoyable as well as it had many things we could learn
I liked how the instructors were very approachable and easy to talk to, and the way we were briefed about important life lessons through each activity

Package Includes

Price Table

16 4,950 79,200 12 59,400 19,800 33%
20 4,950 99,000 15 74,250 24,750 33%
25 4,950 123,750 19 94,050 29,700 32%
30 4,950 148,500 23 113,850 34,650 30%

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