TV Series Filmed in Sanctuary House

In August, a reputed local TV station commenced using Sanctuary House’s (SH) reforested areas, waterways and several other facilities to record an upcoming TV series.

The producer, the crew, and the artists enjoyed the location’s versatility and the excellent service provided by the SH staff. The crew used the venue on five different occasions in

August, October and November over 09 days.


“I had some specific scenes in mind, including scenes in the jungle and by a waterway. I was pleasantly surprised to see the exact locations at Sanctuary House in their back garden. Having a jungle area that is safe and accessible is so convenient for us. We also benefited from the other facilities, including the main hall, the restaurant area and other locations for filming various scenes. Most importantly, Maurice and his team were always there to serve and support us.”

– Director, Shakthi TV (August)