Motivational program for Hindu College Ratmalana Sports school – 1st June 2018

Endure Challenges    Develop your Ability              Embrace Opportunity.

These were the key lessons shared with 50 14- year old students from the HINDU COLLEGE RATMALANA SPORTS SCHOOL to motivate and empower them.

This is the first Tamil school to have a Sports School following over 20 other schools. Sanctuary House sponsored this entire event as this was a noteworthy cause.  Well wishers also donated funds to provide each student with a pair of sports shoes and a cap.

The day’s activities commenced with team building activities to help the students bond, learn to work together and achieve objectives. Next was a series of challenges designed to help the students identify the potential of easy vs. hard choices. This was followed by a discussion with a trained facilitator who helped them apply the High Road vs Low road principle to life, studies and sports. After enjoying a sumptuous buffet lunch , then next session was conducted by the CFO of a large organization who shared his life story and  imparted the following lessons in a very memorable way:

  • In life everyone faces difficulties and challenges. We must endure hardship.
  • Everybody has some unique skill or ability. We must identify our skill and work to develop it.
  • We must learn to recognize opportunities when they come, and we should use them properly.

The Staff and Vice-Principal who accompanied the students were highly appreciative of the effort taken by Sanctuary House to help and motivate these needy students to strengthen the Sports School concept.