I find facilitating experiential learning activities with specific objectives in mind  a great way to ensure that participants own the experience and are able to connect it to real life application that is specific, measurable and achievable.

This was the feedback about a recent training for a group of community leaders:

In a simple but beautiful way it became a resolution based activity

“……..The purpose of this programme was to strengthen the team accountability, unity and develop intensive functioning as a group. There are several concerns such as unequal responsibility sharing, differences of capacity , slow decision making, difficulties at agreements.

There were six activities that took place which involved the whole group. Also, they were different in kind. Most of the activities were energetic and motivational. Some led to do with a lot of concentration and patience. After each activity, the group discussions were held. At the discussions, they were guided and directed to analyse their own situations,  which they applied to their  current work.

Through these activities, the group members identified the different characteristics of each one of them and the talents and skills along with how these can be used effectively.  One most important value they learnt was that ‘ every person is unique and important and can contribute in some way.   This helped them appreciate each other more.

At the end of the programme, the group discussion led to a problem  and solution analysis.  The small plastic and rubber  toys  used for the activity reflected issues and gave an image of identification for different community groups. In a simple but beautiful way, it became a resolution based activity.”