Teambuilding For Staff : Combining Fun With Learning

The office staff of the Peoples’ Church Assemblies of God (PCAG) combined fun with learning at their annual day-out before commencing work for 2017. The Event was conducted at Jetwing Lagoon Hotel on January 2nd.

50 staff members arrived at the venue at 10.30 and the teambuilding activities were conducted from 11.00am to 01.00am on the lawn next to the scenic Negombo Lagoon. The requirement were to create a sense of relational unity and common purpose as they commenced work, in order to successfully handle the challenges of change.

A series of ice-breakers were facilitated to help the participants to relax and get to know each other. The group was divided into four teams who created their own name and haka. These were also helpful to help them relate to staff from other departments, work together and understand each other’s attitudes.

The main experiential activity was conducted to help them know each others’ names. The key lesson learnt was how essential each member of the team was, in order to complete the entire process of work. This activity was quite complex and challenging, but was enjoyed by all.

The finale was a Photo Scavenger hunt for the for teams. The teams rushed to and fro as they attempted to complete the assigned tasks. There was a lot of laughter too. The creativity displayed by the teams was encouraging. The group them dispersed for lunch.

The objective was achieved: the staff were motivated and excited to listen to the CEO present his vision for 2017, later in the day.