Learning Surrounded By Darkness Helps To See The Light.

This was a unique experiential learning based training program for ten leaders of a volunteer-based organization working to create community transformation.

It was unique because the entire program was conducted outdoors at night from 8.00pm to11.30pm. It was unique because everyone was on their feet for the entire duration.

The team enjoyed the program thoroughly, even though it was so late at night. the surrounding darkness  helped them to focus fully on the training activity and it was also less tiring than under a hot sun.

The objective was to help the team learn strategic keys to be more effective in their work. The  activities were designed with challenges which would help them learn and apply principles to increase and multiply their impact.

Many valuable lessons were learnt through experiencing their validity in the activities. The team followed up by directly applying the lessons learnt as they then revised their strategic plan for 2017.