Social Tourism

There is typical Leisure Tourism and then there is a vastly different type of Tourism…….

  •  Are you interested in experiencing more than the typical fare of the generic tourism track of beaches, cultural and historical centers and wildlife – even though they are awesome?
  • Do you want something more than the usual leisure and business models of Tourism?
  • Do you want an experience that allows you to see and feel  the country at a deeper and more meaningful level.?
  • Do you want to engage with local communities, contribute your time and resources and enjoy the satisfaction of making a difference to lives?


Of recent society is becoming more socially aware and embarking on a new kind of tourism called Social Tourism.

Social Tourism brings a moral dimension to holidaymaking enabling low income communities and more privileged ones to meet and mingle and exchange experiences and resources

“Social tourism” is a term used to describe a wide variety of holiday types, destinations and target groups.

Social tourism initiatives can be commercial and non-commercial, governmental and private.

They range from small charities organizing holidays for children from low-income backgrounds to private tour operators offering ecological holidays.

What all of these initiatives have in common, is that they bring a moral dimension to tourism, and that their primary aim is to include people in tourism who would otherwise be excluded from it.

Some of the  benefits of Social Tourism include :

  • personal development of the participants; their confidence and compassion levels will be enhanced by facing learning situations which can potentially change their behavior: ,
  • increased social contacts through the opportunities to interact with people of  different backgrounds;
  • a changed perspective on life, values and priorities  by facing  socio-economic or environmental situations not faced previously.
  • Community development: the communities  visited would receive  benefits ranging from added income through tourism to receipt of  skills, services  and other resources provided by the visitors.

 Social Tourism is an ideal outlet for those who wish to contribute to sustainable community development while at the  same time enjoying a unique holiday experience.

Become a Social Tourist!