Let’s protect our environment together!

Since its launch in 2007, Sanctuary House (SH) has always been conscious of its environmental responsibility. Care has been taken to minimize damage to existing trees on the property while planting endemic- and fruit-bearing trees has always been a priority.  Since 2013. we have planted more than 50 trees around the buildings.

In 2015, we allocated almost 40% of the property for a wetland restoration initiative.

This wetland area contains a 15,000 square feet area which is now a thick jungle and a haven for birds.

In addition, we created more than 500 feet of waterways and a 10,000 square foot pond which are now breeding grounds for many varieties of fish. We have also encouraged the growth of more than 100  endemic trees and plants along the waterways.

In 2017 we commenced a reforestation initiative for another 1000 square foot strip of bare land, planting trees and plants which help butterflies feed and breed.

We are now reaping the benefits and it inspires us to continue our greening efforts.

One result is the increase in wildlife: many resident and migrant birds, several species of butterflies, even a fishing cat has been spotted once.

Another result is the improved air quality since trees trap Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen; now this zone has become a preferred area for our guests to relax in.

When your organization or company conduct a training program at Sanctuary House, you contribute to our environmental conservation initiative while at the same time you can experience the benefits of nature for yourself!