Wetland Restoration Project: A success

In January 2015 we started dredging our waterways to create more than 500 feet of interconnected canals leading to our pond and to the lagoon. The objective was to create a unique space for recreation, adventure and birdwatching as well as a thriving ecosystem.

The changes we have noted in the past 2 years are remarkable.


We made a concerted effort to grow endemic plants, as advised by Dr. Channa Bambaradeniya of the RAMSAR foundation (http://www.ramsar.org) who is an expert on Wetland Conservation. The backwaters created by these canals have become a boon to various types of fish to breed and re-enter the lagoon. The greenery and fish are magnets for many bird species who flock to nest and feed. The butterfly garden is also attracting several species to feed and breed.


Camping in tents, kayaking and rafting are ideal activities with minimal effects on the environment. This also helps increase better knowledge of and respect for nature.



Walking through the pathways surrounded by greenery, sighting various species of fish and birds are naturally therapeutic activities.



It is our hope to use this mini ecosystem to create awareness of endangered plants and animals, specially in the context of wetlands which are fast disappearing. We also hope to continue to boost the breeding of endemic fish and butterflies as well as create a safe zone for both endemic and migrant birds.

While allowing human interaction in this venue for both training and recreation, we will ensure that the impact on the environmental minimal. On the other hand, it is our expectation that this interaction will create a greater awareness of environmental issues and also stimulate proactive responses.