Vision and visioncasting

This article is based on a vision casting program conducted recently

We all need vision. We need a picture of the future that will inspire, challenge and sustain us on our journey.

It is easy to be so engaged in daily activities that seem important and are important, that we forget the purpose of our activity.

Purpose, or vision is critical. If you don’t know where you want to go, how will you know when you get there? If you don’t know what you want to achieve, how will you know whether what you are doing is correct or misguided?

Vision is important. Vision gives purpose.

To have a vision is to have a mental picture of what you want to achieve.

It is this picture of the future that gives purpose and meaning to your current actions. Activities without a clear vision are just that; activities. Activities which are based on a vision are far more than simply activities; they are steps on a clear mission with a clear purpose.


Do you have a vision?

Do you have a mental picture of the future you aspire to? This is not a goal. Vision breeds goals, but vision is not a goal in itself.

Let us say that I want to lose weight. That is a goal . I plan to lose 10 kilos. That is a measurable goal. So I do whatever it is I do, exercise, diet to lose weight. As most of us know, losing weight safely and keeping it off is not easy.


Let us say I have a vision.

A vision that I become so slim that I can wear Medium size Ultra slim T shirts instead of the Extra Large ones I currently wear. I imagine how I will look and feel being able to fit into a Medium size T shirt. I imagine the response I will get from others.

That is a vision. That is a mental picture that will drive me to do anything necessary and for however long it is necessary, to be able to achieve. That vision will  help me to define specific goals, and also sustain me over the long-haul.

That vision will inspire me to make every sacrifice necessary. That vision will challenge me to go the distance, and will create visible and sustainable change.

We all need vision. We need a picture of the future that will inspire, challenge and sustain us on our journey.


We all need a vision that gives us purpose.

Visioncasting is to help others get this mental picture of the future, so that it stirs them to action.